Panasonic - Spot TV VIERA

I worked on the Panasonic TV at the end of the spot. My part was modeling and texturing.

Otto Xmas - Silvie Van der Vaart

I was responsible for modeling, texturing and basic shading of the handbag, rc car, flacon, female watch, camera, boots and the toy plane. I also worked on a male watch and a slide, which did not apeared in the spot.

Caspian Bank

I modeled a high polygon and a low polygon of the yellow boat. Made defuse, specular and normal map textures for both versions. I also textured a dozen of cloth variants for the "Massive" crowd simulation.


I modeled three versions of the falling packets. A big, medium and small one, all with different wrinkles and loops.

UPC - Wolf

This was a remake of the UPC Wolf spot. The Cinema 4D hair fur setup was made by Linh Mai, he also worked on the animation mesh, textures and shaders. My part was to optimised the hair, shave and cut it. Tweaked the shading at the nose, mouth and eye area. Then inplement it in all the nine different animation shots.

Varta - Lights On

I modeled the environment by the use of camera projection, for shadow and light receive cast.

Tchibo - Cafissimo

I modeled and shaded the Tchibo Logo.

UPC - Inode

I modeled the telephone.

Beijing Olympics

I modeled the scales of the dragon. Then rendered it out as a normal map for the senior artist. I was also responsible for the environment modeling for shadow receive of the dragon.

Commercial Schoenheitsfarm

2007 - 2008

  • Softimage XSI
  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Adobe Photoshop
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